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    Machine Tool Industrial Lubricants | Coolants | Liquid Ice  
    Machine Tool Industrial Lubricants | Coolants | Liquid Ice

    Machine tool industrial lubricant and coolant formulas called LIQUID-ICE? Coolants, are a totally new industrial lubricant/coolants that keep machining operations cool even as cutting temperatures approach 1400 degrees at the tool tip.  LIQUID-ICE? brand Coolant and Lubricants are clear, 100% water-soluble, machine tool industrial lubricant and coolants for the metalworking industry. Machine tools require an industrial lubricant/coolant that is high performance and long lasting. Dramatically better tool life is achieved by the superior lubricity and cooling capability of LIQUID-ICE? Coolants.  These industrial lubricant/coolants have been formulated to provide clear, clean chip flow with no stickiness on industrial machine tools, parts or chips. LIQUID-ICE? Coolants do not produce mists, vapors or odors.

    Machine tool industrial lubricant and coolant - LIQUID-ICE? Coolants are suitable for all types of machine tools; grinding equipment, milling machines, machining centers, boring mills, turning centers, covering all types of metal working cutting and grinding industrial operations. In addition, LIQUID-ICE? Coolants are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, emit no smells, are resistant to bacteria growth in the product, and have no harmful fumes, keeping the work environment clean and healthy. Because LIQUID-ICE? Coolants are Clear in appearance, they allow greater visibility when monitoring the cutting process. The corrosion inhibitors in LIQUID-ICE? Coolants provide the optimum in tarnish and corrosion prevention on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The ingredients in LIQUID-ICE? Coolants are highly biodegradable according to EPSA, DIN, ASTM or standard methods. LIQUID-ICE® Coolants are harmless to the environment and contain no hazardous or toxic materials.

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